Everything You Need to Know about Google Adsense

These days, PPC Google Adsense might be one of the most popular online businesses that you could find since this type of online business might allow you to get large profit and could be maintained easily. Basically, there are so many choices of online business that are available these days if you want to get extra income by using internet connection. One of the best ways to get extra cash from the internet is by using blog or website. If you have blog or website and you want to get income from your blog or website, using Google Adsense is one of the best solutions for you. What is Google Adsense? Basically, Google Adsense is advertising network facility which is provided by Google. Google Adsense is considered as the easiest and the safest method to make money from your blog using advertisement. Google Adsense is based on the method known as PPC or Pay per Click. The owners of the blogs could use specific space on their blog page to display Adsense advertisement. You will receive payment from each visitor of your blog who click the advertisement. When the amount of your cash reach minimum amount of 100 USD, Google will send the payment on the end of the month by using check (applied globally) or by using wired transfer (applied on specific countries).

Before you decide to use Google Adsense, there are several important details that you should know about this service. One of important details that you should know is how this service works. To be able to use PPC Google Adsense services, the first thing that you should do is registering your blog in Google Adsense Program. How to register your blog in Google Adsense program will be discussed below. Google has very restricted policies about blog registration in order to join Google Adsense program. You need to follow these policies and order every rule that is applied by Google when you want to register your blog to prevent any issues that might appear in the future. Adsense program is known for its reputation in banning blog and blog owner who is not following the rules that are applied. Once you’ve registered your blog, you will receive code which could be placed on your blog page. After that, Google Adsense will scan your blog and automatically provide advertisements that are related with the contents of your blog. When the visitors of your blog find out that the advertisements are useful for them, they will click the advertisement and they will be sent to the websites of the advertisers. For each valid click, you will receive specific amount of payment.

If you want to use Google Adsense services on your blog, there are several steps that you need to know.

The Steps Use Google Adsense on Your Blog

1. The first thing that you need is a blog that has every condition to use Google Adsense service. You need to make sure that the blog that you have has been fitted with the policies that are applied in Google Adsense program. You also need to read the policies carefully and understand these policies before you decide to register your blog.

2. The next thing that you should do is visiting Google Adsense website and click the ‘sign-up’ button.

3. You will open new page and you should choose Google account for those of you who already have Google account. If you don’t have Google account, you could create your account in this page. Creating Google account is free of charge.

4. After you choose Google account, you need to submit details about blog that you will register in PPC Google Adsense program by filling the data in the available space. Basically, once you’ve been approved to join Google Adsense, you could place the same advertisements on other blogs that you have as long as those blogs meet the criteria and the policies that are applied in this program.

5. Once you’ve finished the data input, the registration process is completed. You just need to wait for the confirmation that is sent by Adsense team via e-mail. Once you are approved in Google Adsense program, you just need to create space on your blog page for displaying the advertisement. The space for advertisement could be placed anywhere you want on your blog page.

Policies and Rules That Are Applied by Google

1. You must be 18 years old minimum in order to join this program.

2. Your blog must not contain anything that is related to hacked or cracked software, gambling, adult contents, and must not distribute copyrighted materials for free or must not have links to websites with contents that are mentioned before. In short, the content of your blog must not using illegal materials.

3. For some countries (some countries in Asia), minimum domain age (the age of blog or website that you have) is minimum six months. You could check the program policy in order to find domain age that is applied in your country.

4. Other rule that you should notice when you want to join PPC Google Adsense program is that you are allowed to place maximum 3 advertisements and 3 links on your blog page. If you place one more advertisement spot or link, you will be banned from this program.

5. Google Adsense doesn’t tolerate any violation or activities that are against the policies that are applied by Google. This is including (but not limited to) clicking your own advertisement on your blog page, ask other people to click the advertisement that is placed on your blog page, violating the policies about blog contents or violating other policies that are applied. If you are caught for violating the rules, Adsense team might ban your blog instantly. Once your blog is banned, you will never be able to use your Google account to register in this program again.

Some people might ask how much money that you could get from this program. Basically, there is no fixed amount of the cash that you might get from this program. The income that you might get from PPC Google Adsense service might depend on many factors. One of the factors that will determine the amount of cash that you will receive from this service is the contents of your blog or website. Specific themes that are used on the contents of a blog might give you different amount of cash. Other factors that will determine the amount of cash that you get from this service are including the geographic location of your blog visitors, blog traffic, the position of advertisement spots, the overall quality of your blog, and the reputation of a blog or website that you have. Blog or website traffic is considered as one of the most important factors that will determine the amount of cash that you could get from Google Adsense program. If the traffic is high, the amount of cash that you might get will be high as well. Generally, the amount of cash that you might get for each click on Adsense advertisement that you place on your blog ranges from 0.01 USD to 20 USD per click.

One of the most important aspects that you might need to notice when using Google Adsense service on your blog is security. You might ask how safe this program is. Actually, PPC Google Adsense service is very safe. There are many bloggers who get payment for each month from this program without experiencing any issues. Adsense is definitely the best PPC advertisement network that will not become spam on the design of your blog. Adsense supports the contents and the design of your blog optimally and could provide trusted services.

Several Things That you Need to Avoid

1. Never exceed the limit of advertisement spot. The amount of advertisement spot that you could display on your blog is three advertisements maximum. Try not to exceed this limit.

2. Never share too much information about your success in using this facility. The rules that are applied by Adsense state that partners or blogger owners who use this service must not publish their income that they get from this program. You are not allowed to create blog post that discuss about the amount that you get from this program.

3. Never click your own ads. Clicking your own ads might get you banned from the program.

4. Never use any cheat methods to increase the number of click on your ads.

The point is that you need to follow every rule that is applied by Google Adsense if you want to use this service in more effective way.

Other important detail that you need to notice when using Google Adsense on your blog or website is the placement of ads on the blog or website page. The placement of the ads is very important aspect in PPC Google Adsense service since the location of the ads will determine the visibility of the ads. The ads that are placed properly will be more visible by visitors of your blog or website and might have bigger chance to be clicked.

Those are the recommended positions of ads that you could choose to be applied on your blog or website.

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