Link Building Process to Getting the Good Rank

#How to Apply Link Building Techniques Effectively

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Link building is a kind of process to make and increase the inbound link. It is a link that direct to our sites (it can be a website or blog). This process is highly recommended from the SEO master if you want to have the high rank and get the good position at the Google SERP. When you do this activity, there will be many links direct to your sites. To get the better result, it is better for you to get the quality link, not the bad one. Why do you have to search the quality link? Google likes a site that has many quality links.

There are two kinds of link building process to success the result in getting the good rank. The first one is internal link. This process means building navigation in your own site. Your site visitor likes a site that has good navigation because it eases them in getting the information. They can get the needed article by using this navigation. How to make it? When you write an article, insert some keyword that will direct them to other page in your site. It is a kind of related article in different page but it exists in the same site. This process also eases the search engine in mapping the link in your site.

The second kind of link building is external link. It is a process to build reference from one site to others. This reference shows that the site content is important and interesting for another site. That is why you must get the quality sites that direct to your site. The number of the external site also shows that your site is considered as the important site. Search engine looks this process as a popularity and visibility of a site. Thus, they will increase the site rank. It means that your site is successful in getting the best position at SERP.


The main function of link building is increasing the site PageRank in order to have the top ten SERP position at Google. This process is usually used by online shop and someone who run the Google Adsense. The online seller wants their site place the good position at SERP. You can imagine when you look for a product, for example: Sterling silver bracelet, there will be many results in the Google page when you type it in searching box. The list result is recommended by the Google you have to open. This is called by SERP (Search Engine Rank Position). Online seller hopes that their site places the first Google page result.

The Advantage

The number of quality link at your site shows that it is getting popular among the other sites. It makes your sites have a good rank. You can see how well your position through Google PageRank. Every article you post at the sites will be quickly indexed by the search engine. It means that you get the best position at Google SERP. It is the general advantage of link building you do. Many SEO master always do the best technique in doing this process.


There are so many techniques in doing link building successfully.

#1 Blog comment.
Logically, you get the networking by socializing each other. This theory is also happened to the online site. How can you get many links directing to your sites if you do not have any friends? It is impossible, right? Start having network by giving comment to other’s blog. Look for a site that is in one theme as yours. We can call it as a niche. However, in giving a comment, write the good comment that does not trigger any controversy. If you want your comment appear at the site, remember not to add backlink, shortlink, or active link there.

#2 Google Plus.
It is a kind of social media that is near with Google. It means that get the positive effect when doing link building here. The step is very simple. Every article you post in the site, send this posting to your Google Plus account. This technique is considered as the natural way to increase the quality backlink. To get the best result, you should have many friends at your circle. It will make you get the natural backlink to your site. Google Plus is recommended as the best strategy in 2015.

#3 Guest Blogging.
Many people agree that this technique bring success in doing link building. Being a guest blogging makes your site get the natural backlink. Unfortunately, now it is difficult to find a blog we can use to build backlink. Google ever prohibit this activity because it includes into spam technique. In fact, spam activity is only for you who build a link from different blog theme. For example, your blog theme is about gadget, but you get any backlink from other blog talk about fashion. When you are being guest blogging at the different theme, it may give bad effect to your site.

#4 Twitter.
Actually you can do link building through social media. Many SEO master loves Twitter as the best strategy in building the link. By sending a link via Twitter, you can get a backlink to your site. However, you need to remember that not to send so many links in one time. Google will consider this activity as spam. Therefore, use of natural strategies to get the best results. Spamming practice will make you get a penalty from Google.

#5 YouTube. 
Social media is highly favored by SEO master because it is considered by Google as a natural link building technique that is certainly safe from Google penalty. You do not have to worry got a penalty because it is considered as spam. It is just that you need to upload a video intensively to reproduce the content. If you are able to make a video in large quantities, it means you will get a lot of backlinks. Each time you upload video, do not forget to create links that point to your site. Significantly, YouTube will provide a backlink to your site. Unfortunately, this technique began to be abandoned by the managers of the blog.

#6 Social Bookmarking. 
You should not underestimate the benefits of social bookmarking. It is one of the best link building techniques suggested by many SEO masters. Until now social bookmarking still shows very good influence in the process of achieving the best position in the SERP. In doing social bookmarking, you should choose carefully. Today many social bookmarking is emerging so easily. Look for a qualified social bookmarking and has been reliable. To establish a link, you need to find a good link to your site. The quality link that direct to your site can increase the position and your rank will be higher than before.

Negative SEO

Some people do negative SEO in link building. It is done for getting the result quickly intervening.

#1 I do not have excessive interlinking. Inter link is highly recommended by the master of SEO to get high PageRank. But if you do it too much, it is not good for your website. In fact, you will be in big trouble. When you associate one page to another, visitors will be easier to find information. However, when you do it to excess, then your site will be the target of Google as the web spamming. It could be your site to be blocked by Google. The essence of SEO is to do everything with a reasonable technique and natural.

#2 negative SEO is too much keyword on your article. Provide the more keywords each article included in the over optimization. This activity is usually done by those who are frustrated to all sorts of ways that have been done, but do not produce anything. In fact, the search engines also do not like with a site that is using too many keywords, especially if the keyword is entered is not qualified. You need to understand that the use of keywords should be in accordance with the niche and are arranged in words that rapid early attract readers. When you enter a keyword in origin, the reader will feel disturbed. Finally, they do not focus on finding information and even leaving your site. Therefore, this activity is not recommended for those of you who are doing link building.

#3 negative SEO is paid links. Some people who want to get results instantly choose this path as a link building strategy. Google hate this technique and is not recommended for those who want to try. Buying and selling links is increasingly widespread with the advent of SEO services. They are people who are experts in the field of SEO and sell the ability to do link building. They usually have a specific package offered to bloggers and web masters to achieve the highest position in the SERP. However, you do not need to worry because Google will consider the quality backlinks that point to your website. Thus, even if you buy a quality link but apparently not, backlinks you do not have any influence.

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