The Dodge Charger Is One of the American Muscle Car Around

Do you know the Dodge charger? Is the kind of luxurious cars which used in Fast and furious film. Here, this cars is called also as Muscle car of America, because of this car has specific component that have no at the other cars. This is a convertible car that was built in 1961 till 1970, by high component, so makes the design has special price. Absolutely, this price is more than high. Moreover, from the limited production, that makes the request more than the production. Many people in the world also want to get this car as their sports car that has high class.

Here, we all love the 1970 Charger because of the model is different than the other. It meant the detail component from the beginner till the last, was created in perfection. Moreover, this model use the HEMI machine, is the kind of machine that has complete permission or documents in the word. Though this is classic model, but the real component is amazing, that makes this price is more than expensive. If you want to get this car, you have to prepare much money start from $200.000 dollar.

That is really high price, but don’t worry, because this price is same with the quality and capability. But, the capability makes your personal car has good and high style, because of this car is the limited edition in high perform. Do you ever know the personal transportation as the scarce car, add you’re confident to drive it at everyday and everywhere.

Besides that, there are the classic design that create in high perform also as the sport car. Moreover because of this car is the classic 69 Dodge Charger muscle car. Be the one scarce car in the world with luxurious component. These components are:

• Use velg Cragar.
• Paranelli Jones tire.
• Use HEMI machine with 7.000 cc.
• Use fitur or application of R/T-SE (Road/Track-Special Edition).
• Use panel instrument in the dashboard.

From these descriptions, it can be said that tis car is limited edition in their quality. Moreover, the component that used is amazing. And the model from Dodge is not only that, there is the other. Another great model is the 1968 Dodge Charger, this model be the perfect edition in their production. Because of the rapidity is faster than the other that produced in standard till special model. Tough that, the component is really complex and has high capability in use as sports car.

Though this model is classic, but there are modern specification for sports car. Moreover, this car used for car race, because of the capacity is really has energy. It cars can be trust in race course at the straight way or at the blind turning. Besides that, it can be handling well in all condition, in the car race or not. Or for you who want to drive in long moment in high speed. Because of the perform makes this speed is okay and has the big power for the energy.

As we know that sports car is the kind of transportation or car that high in perform, though used in travel or not and used well in the drive. Start now, the request from this model is much because of the style is really different, that makes the owner feels so proud of drive it. Here, there are many kind of statement to describe this model and makes the other person Hate them or love them, the Dodge Chargers are here to stay to be the one of sports cars that has high component. Absolutely, it is makes the driver feel amazing, especially in main street or not.

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