7 Step to Gain maximum exposure in Pinterest

This is a detailed guide that will outline how you, the affiliate marketer can benefit from Pinterest.

Pinterest is the bigest emerging social media site that is geared strictly to images. You start with a “board” and as you go around the web you can “pin” interesting images to it. Your posts will show up on your friends feeds and they will be able to see what you pin, and they themselves can repin your images. Think of the viral effect this will.

At the time of writing this, Pinterest remains an invite only website. As the user base expands it will be no time until the membership is open for anyone to sign up. Originally launched in 2010, the site has grown by the millions in 2013 alone. There are over 100 million people using Pinterest Now, and many of the major brands are now signed up.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Pinterest right now. Imagine if you were one of the first people to join Facebook and you were able to profit from day 1.

Many affiliate marketers made a lot of money in the early days of Facebook, and now you can to with Pinterest.
There is a huge base of users right now, and it is set to explode exponentially.

After you have created the account you need to jump to your profile settings and make a few changes here. In the top right you will see your picture and name. Click here and go to settings. You will notice under details that some basic information was grabbed from either Facebook or Twitter when you linked the two accounts together.

You can change your photo here to something more appealing if you don’t want your Facebook/Twitter photo here.

It is recommended that you fill in the “about” section. Make sure you keep SEO in mind when filling this out and put relevant keywords as they relate to your business.

Make sure you also put in your website URL.

To gain maximum exposure in Pinterest, you need to follow others, like their posts and repin other pins.

1) Sync your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter.

This is extremely simple to do. Once it is setup you will have easy access to the messaging and following option that allows you to send out endless Pinterest invites to friends and family. You will also be able to see which of your friends are pinning.

2) Creativity

When you are naming your boards, be as creative as possible. Pick unique names for your boards that will spark interest and
encourage other users to follow you. Try to make your boards appear as if they tell a story.

3) Keep the focus on what you market and build a brand.

Stick with your niche. If you plan on promoting electronics, build your boards around this. You will attract more people who are interest in your niche when they see this is all you want to pin.

4) Use #Hash #Tags.

Most people are unaware that Pinterest uses hash tags. This makes it easy for people to access what they are looking from and
tagging other Pinterest members with the @ symbol. This will encourage conversation hype and really attract followers.

5) Use your blog! harness this traffic into more Pinterest followers. You can easily install a Pinterest button on your blog or use various plugins. Try holding pinning contests to get more exposure!

6) What’s trending!

You can see what is trending on Pinterest by visiting Pinterest’s Popular page. From here you can see what’s being pinned from you site or blog, as well as seeing what’s hot. Pin some topics on the hot trends and make sure you hash tag them for maximum exposure.

7) Follow and Comment.

This is one of the most effective ways to get more followers. When you follow or comment on people’s pins, they will get a
notification on their dashboard. This allows you to connect to the many users out there and gain more exposure for your brand or product. Make sure you leave witty and appreciative comment to
users who leave good posts.

If you have other traffic sources such as a blog, you need to harness this traffic into more Pinterest followers. You can easily install a Pinterest button on your blog or use various plugins. Try holding pinning contests to get more exposure!

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