Gain Traffic from Tumblr Without Buying a Bot

I’ve read through all the Get Traffic from Tumblr posts about how to gain followers with bots & proxies, but I wasn’t ready to spend money on this yet so I have another method that’s completely free.


1- Create a Tumblr account & verify your email address.

2- Design your page to go with the site you’re trying to
attract people to. (I made my Tumblr page look like my
Ecommerce store & added a fixed HelloBar at the top to
collect email addresses)

3- Find relevant hashtags people are using in your niche

4- Go to iFTTT & create an account.

5- Select the recipe for Instagram to Tumblr posts.

6- Configure the recipe so every time a photo is posted to
Instagram with your selected hashtag the image is then
posted to your Tumblr Page.

7- Add html to the “photo caption” area of the recipe that
will link people to your site.

8- Select ‘Start’ & just wait.

There are a few catches with this method:

You will have to manually go back to your posts on Tumblr & add a click-through link for the image. You can only set the click-through as a caption currently with IFTTT

Tumblr will only let you post 100 photos a day on an account.

But if you do this right you can start to get real traffic to your site & quickly build up an audience. I’ve had this running for about two weeks now & I’m up to 600+ Tumblr Followers, 50+ uniques a day, & plenty of likes & reblogs on Tumblr itself.

Let me know if anyone else out there has tried this or has ways to improve it.

Get Traffic from Tumblr

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